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FUSION - Cardiovascular Endurance Booster

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Fusion is a scientifically formulated blend of Amino acids to promote faster Recovery, an advanced Electrolyte complex for on-going Hydration, B Vitamins & Natural Caffeine for prolonged, Clean Energy, Nootropics for maximal Focus and Creatine for increased cardiovascular Endurance.  

Fusion is the perfect Low Stim addition to your pack for those extended hikes, long, tiring days on the mountain, coffee replacement or to simply get you through your 9-5 work day in the office! Whatever your day looks like, Fusion is here to make it easier for you. 

Serving Size - 12.5 grams (1 sachet)

Servings Per Tub - 20 Single Serve Sachets

Directions For Use - Mix 1 sachet with 300-600ml of water and consume 30 minutes prior to physical activity or exercise.